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Current mood: Tired.

Nice start to the year. Back to work, I already feel like I need a break again. No matter how little or how much I sleep, I'm always tired (must be the darkness). Spent last weekend with a migraine, and some asshat has been parking illegally next to my car (half on the space that I pay for, and half in the driveway) for a week. I would use the "annoyed" icon if I hadn't been too lazy to draw those.

And for the good news, I bought some new pencils today. Desperately needed those, I never would have thought I'd go through so many pencils so quickly with the comic :)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

And another Flash game: Gridlock.
This one is old, I played it ages ago, but since antartic just reminded me of it, I might as well post it ;)

Author's notes:

This one (along with #8) is my favourite currently, I really like panel 1. Hmm, from the current comics (and the next few, too ...) it seems like Vincent is always in a bad mood. Believe me, he isn't. Not my fault that he had to start the story by getting drunk. ;)
This one is also running later than originally planned - it would have been nice to have this on the day after New Year ...

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