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I love snow! It's already winter up here in Finland, and what could be more beautiful than the sight of snow-covered trees at a frozen lake, glistening in the cold winter sun or softly brightening up the dark winter nights? Did you ever notice how the heavy snow seems to muffle out every sound, how peaceful and quiet everything is in winter? I love snow. I'm so happy that we have snow here from October to May! That's more than half of the year! Isn't it wonderful?

Eh. I'm really not good at convincing myself. (And I'm not good at sarcasm, either.) Truth is, I freakin' hate the cold white fluffy stuff. If I'm dreaming of a white christmas, it's nightmares...

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Hey, I've actually been linked by someone already! OK, OK, so it was a friend of mine. Go and check out his site, the CoW network. There's a lot of interesting stuff to be found around there.

Author's notes:

What, you actually came back to read a second one? :)

I'm not really happy with the "puppy-eye look" in this one, it looked a lot better in my mind ... And there isn't much story development here, I'm sorry. (Or well, I'm not really ;P) I know that the comic might be starting slow, but I still prefer to do the character/story introductions in my four-panels-at-a-time way rather than write a page about character backgrounds and then jump right in. This way, the story has a definite start - I haven't decided yet whether it will have a definite ending, but it might be. How many years it will run before that, well, we'll have to wait and see ;)

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