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If there is a person that was important to you when you were a child, a teacher maybe, the leader of the local youth group, the choirmaster of the children's choir you enjoyed, and you have always thought you would like to contact them again and let them know how much of an influence they were -- do it. Don't keep thinking "I'll do it some day" and that there is so much time still. There isn't always.

In other news: my Paper War starts with delay, it seems. Made phone calls, got told to "go to this office immediately" to pick up some forms. Went to said office immediately, only to get told to come back in mid-December and they wouldn't give me the forms any earlier. Yay.

And the more impatiently you're waiting for a parcel, the longer it takes.

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I haven't posted an illusion in a while, have I? Have you all seen the pink dots one? It's definitely one of the more amazing ones.

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So much text, so little space! Originally I had planned not to use the background here. Was it a good idea? I don't know.

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