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Current mood: Tired.

Let's talk about the weather.

Yup, the weather's been really strange here. First, we got a whole lot of snow, and I mean a whole lot ... a whole lot more than we'd usually get at the end of January. Then suddenly, the temperature rises to above zero, which pretty much never happens in February, and all the snow melts. And then the temperatures drop again (with our luck, to -35 (that's Celsius, to you Fahrenheit people)), and now the whole town is one gigantic ice rink, or something ...

... I need a weekend. (Or a vacation, but I won't get one this winter. Meh.)

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The original IRC logs to the bible. (Start from the archive, I guess.)

Author's notes:

I hate brick walls. Heh, I hope nobody is going to get seasick from looking at those crooked lines. I'll stop whining about my scanner now, it does it every time anyway :)

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