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Current mood: OK.

Ah! I already forgot myself that the update is one day earlier than usual!

Heh. OK, it also has to do with the fact that I've been coding all evening. Since I'm currently without any income (not even unemployment money... *sigh*), I'm considering starting my own business... on the web, of course. Time to brush off those rusty web design skills... It's fun, though.

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Check out this wonderful Korean music video about a rabbit that falls in love with a cat: There she is!! (flash, sound)
There is a sequel, too: Cake Dance.

Reminder: For the whole month of January, the comic will update three times a week! Yup, that's Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

In February, we'll be back to the regular twice a week, Tuesday/Friday schedule.

Author's notes:

Here it is, the first comic on a Thursday! Yay!
I like Vincent in panel 1. The rest, not so much.
I tried a few different things this time to make the dialogue more readable, but returned to the white-on-black in the end, the rest just looked worse. My screen is rather dark, so it's probably OK for everybody else anyway.

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