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Current mood: Tired.

Did I write something about unusually warm temperatures in this spot at the last update? It's -25C now...

About the comic... I should point out once more that I'm manga-influenced. If I don't pay attention to this, I tend to design the panels so they are read right-to-left. I try to do it the opposite way when possible, and I'm trying to make sure that whatever is higher up is always said first (seeing that the whole thing is vertical, it makes sense to read it from top to bottom like that). But sometimes, like this time, it might be a bit confusing. Spiky is the one who talks first...

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Somebody thought it'd be fun to have a "Law & Order" coloring book. I guess he was right.

Reminder: For the whole month of January, the comic will update three times a week! Yup, that's Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

In February, we'll be back to the regular twice a week, Tuesday/Friday schedule.

Author's notes:

Some small mistakes, but all in all I'm happy. A couple difficult (for me) poses, and it worked out quite well. Except that my pen was acting strangely. Sorry about the uneven lines :/
"Oh," she says. Heh.

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