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Current mood: OK.

I'm in a weird mood... I drew the culmination of a rather dramatic storyline today, and ended on a cliffhanger, and now I feel... weird. Empty. Hyper. Sad. All at the same time... And I can't talk about it to anyone or show it to anyone until it goes online, which a few months.

Note to self: Listening to Pain of Salvation's "Undertow" on repeat won't help.

Spiky's Link of the Day:

When you were a kid, playing in the sandbox, did you ever plan to dig a hole through the centre of the earth? Now you can... kind of. (Needs a browser that can handle Google Maps)

Reminder: For the whole month of January, the comic will update three times a week! Yup, that's Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

In February, we'll be back to the regular twice a week, Tuesday/Friday schedule.

Author's notes:

Sorry about the sketchiness of panel 4 - I suddenly decided to draw it differently than originally planned. Surprisingly, I even like how it turned out. ;)
Oh yeah, despite his suspicions, Vincent keeps the money anyway ;)

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