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Hey, it's Friday the 13th :)

I bought a book (No, really!). Actually, I ordered it two weeks ago already, but it finally arrived: How To Draw Knights, Kings, Queens and Dragons.

Now while this isn't all that helpful, since it's totally not my style (which is more influenced by manga) and doesn't really have a lot of info or text or examples or anything, it's fun to read and look at. If my characters suddenly look like straight out of a Disney family movie, you know why. Won't happen though, since I lack the talent ;P

Although Spiky could probably be a little bit cuter. But, I'll quote the book, "Everybody loves a baby dragon." So meh. ;P

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Here's another classic that made the rounds on the 'net a couple years ago, so I thought I could link it for those who weren't around back then: Kikkoman. It's strangely funny if you first watch the Japanese original with no clue what's going on ;)

Author's notes:

I'm experimenting a bit with the scanning/cleaning/resizing process, and for this comic, it seems to have worked - I'm really happy with it.

And I'm not going to draw that brick wall again any time soon ;)

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