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Yesterday (Wednesday), this website was down for about 90 minutes -- it was somewhat my fault, but not really, but well ... here's what happened. Apparently, my provider allows only 10 concurrent processes. I usually have a couple open - an scp connection over an ssh connection, and monitoring the referrer log in the background over a second ssh connection, stuff like that. Now on Wednesday, one of the cats decides it would be a good idea to pull some power cords... like the ones that power my computer. Voilą, now we have a bunch of zombie processes in addition to the ones I then restarted - for a total of over 10, and there goes the website.

Eh, if the above was gibberish to you, just ignore it, comic is back up and it hopefully won't happen again ;) (By the way, the forum is running on a different server, so if this website should be down, you can always check the forum to see what's up.)

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Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires. I kinda want a pair now.

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There's a small error with the background. Maybe if I don't point it out, nobody will notice?
Wow, 375 comics. That's a somewhat round number, isn't it? But somehow, round numbers aren't so important anymore anyway.

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